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Whether you are the singer in need of an instrumentalist to complete a song idea, or maybe it’s vice versa. Maybe you’re the venue that needs constant and vibrant entertainment. Whatever your position, Artisound Production aims to provide the best guidance from a song’s conception to its grand release.

Our Consultation Services Include:

  • Songwriting – “Finish that tune”. – Allow our expert songwriters to finish that last line or add the right chords to your song.
  • Production – “Bring your song to life”.– Our experienced producers can help you bring the best out of your song through the right arrangements, sounds, and textures according to your vision.
  • Photography and Videography – “Say Cheese!” – Whether it is a headshot, a shoot for your next album, or music video, Artisound will have you looking better than the next top model.
  • Entertainment Bookings – “Shock and Wow your Crowd” – We’re linking bands with venues and vice versa. Whether you need the right entertainment or your a band looking to find the right venue, let us know your vision.
  • Studio Design – “Building A Studio?” – Allow Artisound to consult you on the right gear, sound reinforcement, and space that allows for maximum potential to fulfill your vision.
  • Live Sound Engineering/PA and Backline Rentals – “Sound Your Best!” – Need advice on purchasing that perfect rig for your live shows? Maybe you need an engineer and or a whole system. Contact us to sound your best!
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Any and every musician and venue understands the issues that arise when dealing with an entire band. The bass player’s girlfriend may think she’s part of the band, maybe the drummer woke up on the wrong side of the bed, or even for those clubs where the entertainment just isn’t working for the crowd. With Artisound Production, whether one is trying to bring out the best in the setlist on stage, and in the studio, or need quality live entertainment for your event or establishment; our collective of musicians, musical directors and producers will provide our clients with the best backdrop for them to shine.

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At Artisound Production, we aim to serve our clients when and where the inspiration hits. We offer many different options and price ranges for the artist, musician, or establishment in need of quality recordings that will last a lifetime. Whether in one of our studios, at your house, or at the show, our services range from simple two track recordings to full 24 multitrack recordings with prices to accommodate all. All recordings include an experienced engineer, the equipment necessary, and a rough mix preview CD or files upon completion of recording. All personal and equipment is chosen specifically to bring the best out of your sound and to stay true to your vision. An additional mix and or master is available post recording upon request for an extra fee.

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Artisound Production offers professional mixing and mastering of the highest sonic quality. With packages to suite those just looking for mixing, mastering or both, it is our attention to detail that will have your fans and listeners coming back for more. By allowing our clients to listen in at every stage of the mix/master and a three draft process, you become part of our team. Artisound Production will fine-tune, balance and tweak your recordings until they sounds and feel the way you have always dreamed. We also offer different price ranges for both mixing and mastering in the box (solely via a computer) or via analog summing (through high end analog audio equipment).

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