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Project Description

Yarnell Biography

Singer songwriter Yarnell. A musical artist made of Funk, Dance and Soul.  Expresses his vision of the world through the lenses of Humanness, Politics and Love.
Yarnell has been in music all of his life. Learning cello, trombone and guitar at very young age, gave him the tools and bandwidth to write a litany of different genres.
After moving to New York City from the midwest US (Ohio), Yarnell quickly became part of the city’s music scene.  Yarnell studied voice at the Singers Forum (with the late Phil Campanella) and songwriting with the National Academy of Popular Music (Bob Leone). Later, he along with Jose Gonzalez formed the music duo Bloom.  After releasing their collections “A Day In The Life”, the duo became part of New York City music scene, performing at legendary venues such at CBGB, CB’s Gallery, Canal Room, Bitter End and countless other live music formats.
Soon, Yarnell began many songwriting collaborations and solo projects.  His ode to dance music “Picture This” became a favorite among House music and dance music goers around the world.  This led Yarnell to collaborations with notable producers.  Most notable, DJ Angola and Yarnell songwriting and vocals on songs such as “Can’t Stop” on  DJ Angola’s EP Ride To Giza and in 2009 and “Get Away” in 2016.
2017 is the year that Yarnell has released his latest single “Release” and upcoming EP is for 2018.  It’s slated to be a promising time and future for a funky, fun, passionate artist.
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Project Brief

Yarnell’s project with Artisound is two-fold. Having just recorded a set of songs for his new EP, Yarnell wanted to be able to promote efficiently the release and therefore, perform live in venues around NYC to support his EP. The second aspect of Yarnell’s project was to review the actual songs of the EP, having a fresh pair of ears to help him refine the songs.

The Challenge

The challenge is this project was to keep the high energy spirit that was being conveyed by each of the songs.  From the original ideas, which were very beat-oriented, Yarnell still wanted to emphasize melodies so that his message could go through. The second was to set a group of musicians that could be up to the challenge.

The Solution

After a few rounds of discussions, Artisound was able to select a set of musicians around Yarnell to help him both express his message, retain the high energy and create a bond between musicians to serve him best! Artisound was also able to provide insights to the recording, do additional takes to open up the music as Yarnell wished.

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The Skills Needed To Produce Brand Excellence

Song Writing

Artisound provides analysis of songs and suggests ideas to enhance your vision


Extensive set of microphones, state-of-the-art pre-amps to satisfy your musical needs

Banding Together

Artisound is connected to some of the best musicians around NYC to assist you with your live music needs and takes care of band management.

Brand Management

Artisound helps you define a strategy for your musical brand, providing content for social media needs.

Final Result & Client Satisfaction

The guys at Artisound Productions are awesome!!

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